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New Scottish Hymns on BBC Songs of Praise

It was great to be featured as part of the New Scottish Hymns for BBC Songs of Praise earlier this year. Greg shares about the heart behind his song-writing.

“Scottish Hymn-writer Greg de Blieck talks about his music ministry, New Scottish Hymns on an episode of Songs of Praise aired on 28th June 2015.”

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New Scottish Hymns – O Saviour of Sinners

Another video of the brilliant group (I am biased of course), New Scottish Hymns, with their song ‘O Saviour of Sinners.’ It was an absolute pleasure to be part of this video.

A forthcoming hymn from Scottish hymn-writer, Greg de Blieck as part of the ministry New Scottish Hymns; seeking to encourage and equip the church with new songs and hymns.

Other songs, resources and concert dates can be found at the website –

O Saviour of sinners, let voices unite
In praise of that excellent name
Let cares find their place – Our sins are erased!
For Jesus has died and has risen

O Saviour of sinners, now help us recall
The wonderful things you have done
God’s kingdom has dawned, so let us respond
To all the good gifts He has given

Just as the darkness retreats from the day
Let sinful indifference be driven away
Together we’ll stand, and raise up our hands
To praise Him in willing surrender

O Saviour of sinners, though hardly we knew
The wrath our rebellion deserved
You died in our place, then offered us grace
And life in its fullness – forever

O Saviour of sinners, no words are enough
To bring you the praise you deserve
Unmatchable worth! O light of the earth
The heavens are filled with Your glory

Just as the sun overpowers the grey
The clouds in our hearts shall be melted away
Forgiven we rise, so lift up your eyes
For God is our light and salvation

New Scottish Hymns – Union with Christ

Here’s a music video entitled ‘Union with Christ’ I was involved in at the tail end of 2014 – another great Scottish group, New Scottish Hymns, led by Greg deBlieck.

Union with Christ, what a glorious thought,
What a wonderful truth we embrace
His victory attained makes the children of God
To endure, and to finish the race

The hope that we have is no temporal thing
To be swayed by our failures or fears
In Christ we have faith as our conquering king
And the Christian, through faith, perseveres

Hallelujah, we are His
Hallelujah, we are His!
No greater love is there than this
Jesus is ours and we are His

Union with Christ, what a glorious thought,
To be one with “the Lion and the Lamb”
To be given a heart that responds as it ought
To the great everlasting I AM!

Hallelujah, we are His
Hallelujah, we are His!
No greater love is there than this
Jesus is ours and we are His

Hallelujah, we are His
Deepest communion, sweetest bliss!
No greater love is there than this
Jesus is ours and we are His

Words – Greg de Blieck
Music – Greg de Blieck, Peter Crockett

(Filmed by Simon Parnham)

New Scottish Hymns – You’re The Shepherd (Live)

You’re the Shepherd’, taken from New Scottish Hymns Live Streaming Event, 24th January 2015.

Sheet Music, Lyrics and more information on the project can be found at

You’re the shepherd, we’re the sheep
You won’t slumber, though we sleep
Oh what love our saviour shows
To the little ones he knows
We are guilty, You are good
We fell short, but You withstood
For Your father’s holy name
You endured and overcame

We were helpless in our sin
You forgave and took us in
Though our hearts still turn from You
Yet with patience You pursue

You’re the teacher, we are taught
By Your precious blood we’re bought
You’re the healer we are healed
By Your cross our hope is sealed
We’re forgiven by Your blood
Orphans called as sons of God
Brought from darkness into light
Washed in red and clothed in white

Yours the triumph, Yours the throne
Praise and glory, Yours alone
Tongues of angels, songs of men
Let the heav’ns resound again

Official Worship Signals

Quite a funny poster! Which one are you?

Stuart Townend on writing ‘In Christ Alone’

Taken from Stuart Townend’s website

In Christ Alone

In November 2000 I was at a worship conference in Eastbourne, and introduced through a mutual friend to Keith Getty, who I had heard was a terrific melody writer. We met up for a coffee, and he promised to send me a CD of song ideas.

I didn’t really think any more about it. Then a CD arrived in the post containing three song ideas played on a piano. I didn’t get past the first melody, because I was so taken with it – it was quite hymn-like, but with a beautiful celtic lilt – I immediately started writing down some lines on the life of Christ.

Often lyrics come in quite a haphazard way. You write loads of couplets, then re-write some, then gradually piece it together to give it continuity and shape. The process for “In Christ alone” was much more linear. Once I’d worked out the rhyming structure (it felt like the song had better shape if lines 1 and 3 rhymed as well as the more usual 2 and 4), I started working on the first verse, setting the scene with a fairly subjective exploration of what Christ means to the Christian. Then I as I worked through the life, death and resurrection of Christ, I was getting more and more excited and emotional, and verse 4 kind of spilled out as a declaration of the impact of these amazing events in our lives.

Within a couple of days I had the whole lyric, sent it to Keith, he suggested a couple of changes, and “In Christ alone” was finished.

I think maybe one of the reasons the song is so popular is that it can stir up our emotions (I still often cry like an old softie when I sing it) – but the emotion is not the central feature of the song. Because the lyrics stay fixed on the unchanging truths of our salvation, it not only provokes emotion, but engenders faith, strengthening our spirits, not just stirring our souls.

Al Gordon on Worshipping the Holy Spirit. Should we?

11 JAN 2011

Isn’t the Spirit’s role to point away from himself and bring glory to the Father and the Son? If you’ve ever wondered about this, you’ll be pleased to hear you’re in good company!

We sing lots of songs that worship Jesus, glorify the Father, but few that worship the Spirit. There’s a sense that the Spirit is somehow less the focus of our worship? Is it right to worship the Spirit? Or are we getting sidetracked? It’s one of the oldest questions that the church has wrestled with through the ages.

I have been reading recently about how in the days of the early church, some tried to argue that the Spirit was not supposed to be worshipped. In response, one of the giants of the first few centuries of Christianity, Basil the Great, wrote an amazing work called “On the Holy Spirit” 375 AD that sounded loud and clear with the message that the Spirit is fully God.
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Tim Keller: Evangelistic Worship

A great article from Dr. Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City: (a snippet) (the full thing)

Worship Leader at Bethel Church, Brian Johnson

It seems that with the last week or so I have not updated the website! Here is one thing to kick it started again…Interview taken from

Brian Johnson has been leading worship since he was 17. He is the co-writer of some of the United States most popular worship songs including One Thing Remains and You Are Good.

He leads Bethel Church’s worship team and produced the church’s latest acoustic worship project: The Loft Sessions.

Brian lives in Redding, California with his wife Jenn and three children. He is the son of popular author and church leader, Bill Johnson.

1. What made you record The Loft Sessions as an acoustic project?

There’s so many live worship CDs right now and I just took a step back and thought we want to do something that shows the fun, raw, real and passionate elements of our worship. And show that it doesn’t have to be on a massive stage with lights. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before, but for us we were excited to do something different.

2. There’s a great acoustic vibe to the record. How would you describe the sound?
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Shout To The Lord and Mighty To Save

I’ve already posted this on my Facebook and Twitter, but here are the final two videos. Truth be told, they are probably the ones I’m least happy about, but I’m still happy. Hope you enjoy! There is one more bonus video to come. And also, if you want to check out How Great Is Our God in better quality, the Vimeo video is now online, check out my channel. I will upload up here tomorrow.

Shout To The Lord

Mighty To Save


Video Filmed at Holy Trinity Church, Wester Hailes, Edinburgh on Friday 27th January, 2012.

Video Filmed by Jelizaveta Burhanova, Chris Gillies & Molly Gibney.

Video Edited by Jelizaveta Burhanova.

Drums Engineered by Michal Jankowski & James Parnell. Mixed by Michal Jankowski.

Backing Track Engineered & Mixed by Frazer Knox.

Backing Track Musicians:
Steph Macleod (vocals & acoustic guitar)
Mark Cameron (electric guitar)
Peter Crockett (piano)
Dave Biddulph (bass guitar)
Brian Macleod (percussion).