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Guest Interview: El Gruer on Worship

I thought it was time for yet another interview about worship, again from a slightly different perspective. So I donned my ‘Parky’ hat and caught up with poet El Gruer just after the Church of Scotland Heart & Soul event to hear her thoughts about poetry and worship.

Firstly, I was really inspired and taken aback by your poetry and drama at the Church of Scotland Heart & Soul event. There was so much passion behind it. Where did that come from and why did you choose to do it in such a manner?

Every piece I write is immersed in prayer before-hand. I trust that the words are from God for his people and so I can’t help but be passionate about them. I chose to use the visual element in the Heart and Soul piece to keep the audience anchored in the simplicity of the message but to also do something a bit different that would hopefully help people connect to it and remember it.

How long have you been working with the band Awaken?

I do collaborations with different musicians/ bands/artists and solo pieces too. I have worked with different members of awaken over the past year but this was our first live collaboration with the full band and that particular piece.

Do you think that there’s a strong link between worship music and poetry and drama?

Worship overflows in so many different ways, I don’t think there is a definitive line between different art forms, where does poetry finish and songwriting begin? I think there is incredible power in bringing all types of creativity together in worship, it opens more of our senses to who God is. I love the body of Christ and am desperate to see people released in their gifting to bring him glory. I hope that what I do can in some small way encourage others to step out.
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