Modern Drumset Techniques For Today's Worship Drummer

Paul Baloche – Our God Saves

February’s new drum cover, the 2014 version of Paul Baloche’s song (originally released in 2007 on his album of the same name) ‘Our God Saves.’ Enjoy!

New Scottish Hymns – You’re The Shepherd (Live)

You’re the Shepherd’, taken from New Scottish Hymns Live Streaming Event, 24th January 2015.

Sheet Music, Lyrics and more information on the project can be found at

You’re the shepherd, we’re the sheep
You won’t slumber, though we sleep
Oh what love our saviour shows
To the little ones he knows
We are guilty, You are good
We fell short, but You withstood
For Your father’s holy name
You endured and overcame

We were helpless in our sin
You forgave and took us in
Though our hearts still turn from You
Yet with patience You pursue

You’re the teacher, we are taught
By Your precious blood we’re bought
You’re the healer we are healed
By Your cross our hope is sealed
We’re forgiven by Your blood
Orphans called as sons of God
Brought from darkness into light
Washed in red and clothed in white

Yours the triumph, Yours the throne
Praise and glory, Yours alone
Tongues of angels, songs of men
Let the heav’ns resound again

Christian Albums of 2013: A Review Part. 1

Ah the predictable ‘end of year review’ blog post! On a serious note, I’ve never done this and I wanted to write an article about some of the most-well known and some not-so-well known Christian albums released that over the past year I’ve come across. I say the past year…  I mean, a year or so…give or take…some were released in late 2012. Here’s Part 1.

*a brief note: I am not taking a swipe at any particular band or ministry. I am just trying to critique music in general, according to my taste.
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Worship Leader at Bethel Church, Brian Johnson

It seems that with the last week or so I have not updated the website! Here is one thing to kick it started again…Interview taken from

Brian Johnson has been leading worship since he was 17. He is the co-writer of some of the United States most popular worship songs including One Thing Remains and You Are Good.

He leads Bethel Church’s worship team and produced the church’s latest acoustic worship project: The Loft Sessions.

Brian lives in Redding, California with his wife Jenn and three children. He is the son of popular author and church leader, Bill Johnson.

1. What made you record The Loft Sessions as an acoustic project?

There’s so many live worship CDs right now and I just took a step back and thought we want to do something that shows the fun, raw, real and passionate elements of our worship. And show that it doesn’t have to be on a massive stage with lights. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before, but for us we were excited to do something different.

2. There’s a great acoustic vibe to the record. How would you describe the sound?
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Top 20 Worship Releases from Worship Leader Magazine

This was taken from Worship Leader magazine’s website, a post released on 4 January, 2012. For more information, please visit Worship Leader’s Website.

Do you agree with the choices made? Post below!

Twenty years ago Worship Leader published the inaugural issue of the magazine. With key editors and contributors such as, Chuck Fromm, Ron Allen, Chuck Kraft and Robert Webber it was designed to be a resource that shined a light on many practices of worship and gave those from different traditions a place to better understand one another.

The first issue of WL had a grand total of two music reviews. Bethel Chapel’s The Glory of the Lord and Saddleback Church’s Saddleback Praises: Music With I.M.P.A.C.T. We get a few laughs around the office looking at the picture of Robert Webber with the permmed hair and perennial mustache and Chuck Fromm’s shout out to his mentor Peter Drucker. And we are also proud when we think of the moments of worship we have witnessed and taken part in, and the movement of God’s children finding renewal in his sprit and truth.

So we want to celebrate our birthday. But the truth is Worship Leader has never been about celebrating itself. Our whole existence is centered on helping people point to the One who is worthy. Less us, more him.

Here is a statement in Chuck Fromm’s editorial in that inaugural issue of Worship Leader:

Our God is still seeking “true worshipers,” those who worship in spirit and truth. Our goal is to provide you with ideas, information, and resources to help you enhance and facilitate worship at your church.

We could still use that as a mission statement today! That is something that we certainly are proud of. So, we are asking you to join with us in a bit of celebration right now. It’s a celebration and a remembering of sorts. For fun and as a look down memory lane, we have chosen what we consider the top 20 most influential worship releases of the past 20 years. And we have asked a couple of our friends to share what some of those offerings meant to them.

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Jesus Culture Testimony

Does God Heal Today?

[youtube_sc url=”yjnM7s-Fhyc” width=”670″ height=”377]

Spontaneous Worship Drumming

This is a great example of Worship drumming. I haven’t yet acquired the album, but the latest Jesus Culture instalment (Awakening, from the conference that took place there earlier this year) looks to be a good one. Check out album reviews section soon for a review, but, first, check out this video, and especially focus from 4:20 onwards. Fifteen minutes of high praise and shouts to God followed by spontaneous tub-thumping from drummer Josh Fisher (and accompaniment from bassist Brandon Aaronson), which brought the Worship to a whole other level.

It is truly a great example of how drums can LEAD people to worship, to dance before the Lord like David did, and to praise Him with all their might. Watch the video, and be amazed, not so much at the skill, but the passion, and the heart.