Modern Drumset Techniques For Today's Worship Drummer

Prof. Donald Macleod on Worship

A few years back I sent Prof. Donald Macleod,  former Principal of the Free Church of Scotland College an e-mail about “the heart of worship.”  I was intrigued on his opinions as one of the most respected Scottish theologians in recent times. I also have a strong connection with the Free Church myself.

Here are the questions I asked Professor Macleod:

With regards to Worship Music, how important is it for a musician leading the praises to God to know about a “theology of worship”? What does that look like?
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Paul David Tripp on Christian Living

In his book published by Crossway in 2008, Whiter than Snow: Meditations on Sin and Mercy, Paul Tripp talks about Psalm 51. Here he approaches Psalm 51 not in the traditional way a set of devotionals is usually devised. Here he approaches Psalm 51 like a piece of sheet music, with the key and time signature, notes and dynamic markings all included because “that is precisely what the Great Composer designed to be there.” However, this book does not show an attempt by Tripp to help the reader understand each and every note on the page, but it is more like jazz. Tripp writes,
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