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Worship Leader at Bethel Church, Brian Johnson

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Brian Johnson has been leading worship since he was 17. He is the co-writer of some of the United States most popular worship songs including One Thing Remains and You Are Good.

He leads Bethel Church’s worship team and produced the church’s latest acoustic worship project: The Loft Sessions.

Brian lives in Redding, California with his wife Jenn and three children. He is the son of popular author and church leader, Bill Johnson.

1. What made you record The Loft Sessions as an acoustic project?

There’s so many live worship CDs right now and I just took a step back and thought we want to do something that shows the fun, raw, real and passionate elements of our worship. And show that it doesn’t have to be on a massive stage with lights. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before, but for us we were excited to do something different.

2. There’s a great acoustic vibe to the record. How would you describe the sound?
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Bethel Church: God, the bad and the ugly

Bethel Church in Redding, California is one of these Churches that seems to rack up a lot of attention. This is due to the fact that Signs, Wonders & Miracles regularly take place and that it is part of the growing charismatic trend amongst many Churches in both the USA and UK. Well, so it seems. But along with that comes criticism. Do they place these gifts above giver? What about the gospel message? What about Bible teaching? What about repentance? YouTube clips can be so devious at times, that good and bad Churches and ministries can be criticised so harshly. Here’s what associate Pastor Kris Vallotton had to say.

Written by Kris Vallotton

There have been many things written about Bethel Church and the movement that we have had the privilege of being a part of for more than three decades.
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A.W. Tozer on The Holy Spirit

The following post is inspired by the recent preaching by Kenny Borthwick at the Church I attend in Edinburgh, Holy Trinity Wester Hailes.

From Articles and Sermons :: How To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit – A.W. Tozer

How To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit – A.W. Tozer – posted by worzle, on: 2008/3/10 10:29

Almost all Christians want to be full of the Spirit. Only a few want to be filled with the Spirit.
But how can a Christian know the fullness of the Spirit unless he has known the experience of being filled?
It would, however, be useless to tell anyone how to be filled with the Spirit unless he first believes that he can be. No on e can hope for something he is not convinced is the will of God for him and within the bounds of scriptual provision. Before the question ‘How can I be filled?’ has any validity the seeker after God must be sure that the experience of being filled is actually possible. The man who is not sure can have no ground of expectation. Where there is no expectation t here can be no faith, and where there is no faith the inquiry is meaningless.
The Doctrine of the Spirit as it relates to the believer has over the last half century been shrouded in a mist such as lies upon a mountain in stormy weather. A world of confusion has surrounded this truth. The children of God have been taught contrary doctrines from the same texts, warned, threatened and intimidated until they instinctively recoil from every mention of the Bible teaching concerning the Holy Spirit.
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