Modern Drumset Techniques For Today's Worship Drummer

Allan McKinlay – Follow the Star

Here is an awesome music video I was involved in released very recently by the brilliant Allan McKinlay!

‘Follow The Star’ by Allan McKinlay from the album ‘Nothing Hidden’ available to buy from MUSIC 4 MISSION RECORDS now!…

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We lift up our eyes
And follow the star
Guided by The Light
That shows us where You are

We’ve come to worship
We’ve come to bow down
And give you all we have (x2)

Angels gather round
Releasing a heavenly sound
And together we Honour
Our King Jesus Immanuel

We’ve come to worship
We’ve come to bow down
And give You all we have (x2)

We lift our voices
And join with the angels
Singing Glory! Hallelujah! (repeat)

Al Gordon on Worshipping the Holy Spirit. Should we?

11 JAN 2011

Isn’t the Spirit’s role to point away from himself and bring glory to the Father and the Son? If you’ve ever wondered about this, you’ll be pleased to hear you’re in good company!

We sing lots of songs that worship Jesus, glorify the Father, but few that worship the Spirit. There’s a sense that the Spirit is somehow less the focus of our worship? Is it right to worship the Spirit? Or are we getting sidetracked? It’s one of the oldest questions that the church has wrestled with through the ages.

I have been reading recently about how in the days of the early church, some tried to argue that the Spirit was not supposed to be worshipped. In response, one of the giants of the first few centuries of Christianity, Basil the Great, wrote an amazing work called “On the Holy Spirit” 375 AD that sounded loud and clear with the message that the Spirit is fully God.
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A.W. Tozer on The Holy Spirit

The following post is inspired by the recent preaching by Kenny Borthwick at the Church I attend in Edinburgh, Holy Trinity Wester Hailes.

From Articles and Sermons :: How To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit – A.W. Tozer

How To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit – A.W. Tozer – posted by worzle, on: 2008/3/10 10:29

Almost all Christians want to be full of the Spirit. Only a few want to be filled with the Spirit.
But how can a Christian know the fullness of the Spirit unless he has known the experience of being filled?
It would, however, be useless to tell anyone how to be filled with the Spirit unless he first believes that he can be. No on e can hope for something he is not convinced is the will of God for him and within the bounds of scriptual provision. Before the question ‘How can I be filled?’ has any validity the seeker after God must be sure that the experience of being filled is actually possible. The man who is not sure can have no ground of expectation. Where there is no expectation t here can be no faith, and where there is no faith the inquiry is meaningless.
The Doctrine of the Spirit as it relates to the believer has over the last half century been shrouded in a mist such as lies upon a mountain in stormy weather. A world of confusion has surrounded this truth. The children of God have been taught contrary doctrines from the same texts, warned, threatened and intimidated until they instinctively recoil from every mention of the Bible teaching concerning the Holy Spirit.
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Spontaneous Worship Drumming

This is a great example of Worship drumming. I haven’t yet acquired the album, but the latest Jesus Culture instalment (Awakening, from the conference that took place there earlier this year) looks to be a good one. Check out album reviews section soon for a review, but, first, check out this video, and especially focus from 4:20 onwards. Fifteen minutes of high praise and shouts to God followed by spontaneous tub-thumping from drummer Josh Fisher (and accompaniment from bassist Brandon Aaronson), which brought the Worship to a whole other level.

It is truly a great example of how drums can LEAD people to worship, to dance before the Lord like David did, and to praise Him with all their might. Watch the video, and be amazed, not so much at the skill, but the passion, and the heart.