Modern Drumset Techniques For Today's Worship Drummer


About ‘The Church Drummer’:

Welcome to my website, The Church Drummer.

My name is Brian Macleod and I’m a drummer based in Edinburgh. I’ve been playing drums for over 15 years, both in and out of  Church. I have a 1st Class BA (Hons) Popular Music from Edinburgh Napier University in 2012 and have played drums for a whole host of Christian artists and organisations. I also play with several function bands like The Macleod Ceilidh Band, The Jiggers Ceilidh Band, The Avenue and Edinburgh Sounds.

Allan McKinlay (Drummer/Manager)

Steph Macleod

Simon Kennedy Band

New Scottish Hymns

Clive Parnell

Satellite Worship (feat. Yvonne & David Lyon)

The Weatherfolk

Royal Foundlings

Origin Scotland

CLAN Gathering

My passion is to see drummers play drums of all kinds in Church, for God’s glory and fame, and to provide some instructional material on how to do so, as well as a whole host of information and blogs about Christianity in general.

My YouTube channel, has some videos about playing drums in Church.

Please contact me at, where you can:

– receive a FREE copy of my book, The Church Drummer: Modern Drumset Techniques and FREE play-alongs of 6 popular Worship songs.

Or I can:

– speak at your Church/Organisation

– give a drum/rhythm/worship music workshop at your Church

Please also check out my brand new website with new videos featuring other work I do.

I proudly endorse Risen Drums.