Modern Drumset Techniques For Today's Worship Drummer

Some helpful tips from Hillsong’s Rolf Wam Fjell

On the subject of practising, here are a few useful tips from one of Hillsong’s top drummers, Rolf Wam Fjell:

1. Take a 10 min run before practicing. Benefit: mentally more alert and physically firing up your systems.

2. Eat a banana before practicing / playing. Benefit: quick carbs + potassium straight to your system. Benefit: More power.

3. Do a proper carb load before big events. Lots of pasta etc. And drink MUCH water. Benefit: sustained energy.

4. Track your progress. Week one paradiddles @ 120bpm. Week two paraddidles @ 127bpm etc. Benefit: systematic progress.

5. Analyze everything. Practice SUPER slow + tell yourself what you’re doing. Then aim for supersonic! Benefit: faster > quicker.

6. After super exhausting events, eat some protein (fish, eggs etc) Benefit: quick re-set + stronger.

7. Before playing – lift empty hands and ask God to fill them with fire. He does.

8. Do good stretches after warming up and after playing. Benefit: 100% access to your technique instead of 85%.

9. Listen to MUSIC! Jazz, rock, classical, dub step – VARIATION!!! Benefit: increased musicality.

10. Listen intelligently to songs. Analyze. Take notes. transcribe etc. Benefit: quick learning of songs.

11. Practice like a PERFECTIONIST, but play in FREEDOM with total ABANDON! Benefit: play better.

Taken from Rolf Wam Fjell’s Twitter page.


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