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Drum Soloing – A Short Story

Drum Solos – A Short Story
The following is a short story about my own experience of drum soloing. I’ve watched many great drummers play drum solos, from my first experience of watching Keith Moon smashing a drum kit to pieces in ‘My Generation’ to the many drum instructional DVDs that are out there today and I’ve collected, there have been a lot of influences of mine who have inspired me to get creative behind the drums. I’ve seen many drum solos on which I’ve just been amazed by the drummers technique, finesse, charisma and control behind their instrument. First, Travis Barker and Tre Cool (as pop-punk was at its peak in the early 2000s), then Bonham and Moon took control of my mind as I turned to The Who and Led Zeppelinto inspire me. Next it was Rush and the creative beats of one Neil Peart, and then, as I started taking drum lessons at the age of 16, my tutor introduced me to four guys : Tony Williams, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta and Dave Weckl. The research then began as I found out about Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham, Thomas Lang, Steve Smith and many more drummers. hadn’t long been on the go and I was glued to it.

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