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Great Article on Tony Williams from Modern Drummer Magazine

Tony Williams

One of the most influential, inspiring, and spontaneous forces in jazz, Tony Williams remains a classic example of artistry transcending technical analysis. In the October 2011 issue of Modern Drummer magazine, writer Jeff Potter explains Tony’s genius and influence, while in the following MD Online exclusive, Living Colour drummer Will Calhoun shares his own insightful memories of the late, great drummer.
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Al Gordon on Worshipping the Holy Spirit. Should we?

11 JAN 2011

Isn’t the Spirit’s role to point away from himself and bring glory to the Father and the Son? If you’ve ever wondered about this, you’ll be pleased to hear you’re in good company!

We sing lots of songs that worship Jesus, glorify the Father, but few that worship the Spirit. There’s a sense that the Spirit is somehow less the focus of our worship? Is it right to worship the Spirit? Or are we getting sidetracked? It’s one of the oldest questions that the church has wrestled with through the ages.

I have been reading recently about how in the days of the early church, some tried to argue that the Spirit was not supposed to be worshipped. In response, one of the giants of the first few centuries of Christianity, Basil the Great, wrote an amazing work called “On the Holy Spirit” 375 AD that sounded loud and clear with the message that the Spirit is fully God.
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