Modern Drumset Techniques For Today's Worship Drummer

Freddie Gruber passes away

by Brian Macleod

The legendary drum teacher Freddie Gruber has passed away at the age of 84. Check out this Modern Drummer¬†article dedicated to him. Gruber is best known for being a major proponent of the Moeller Technique and using the drumstick to rebound off the kit. He changed the playing of many of the top drummers in the world around the mid-90s, including Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Neil Peart and Adam Nussbaum. Check out these videos featuring Freddie from Dave Weckl’s DVD ‘A Natural Approach To Technique’¬†and at Drum Channel with Neil Peart.

Notice the difference of Dave Weckl from the late 80s (Island Magic) and early 2000s (Synergy).

In the performance of Island Magic, Dave’s feel is more rigid, his body positioning is slightly slanted to the left, and he puts extra effort in with the sticks. In Synergy, he is much more loose, and has more control and fluidity over everything around him.